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Our Story

An average car tire will travel around 30.000 KM over its lifetime and when they have reached the end of their life in Kuwait. They are destined for the tire graveyard. In Kuwait City’s Erhia area every year gigantic holes are dug out in the sandy earth and filled with old tires. There are now over 50 million tires in the ground. The piles of rubber are so vast that they are visible from space.

Since 2011, the firefighting teams in Kuwait worked hard to control multiple massive fires that broke out at the used tire dump site in Erhaya. The fires had huge implications on the environment.


Preservation of our ecosystem, help save the environment through spreading awareness of the importance of recycling.

Today, with two state of the art production lines, Kuwait Recycling company is currently recycling over 5 Million tires per year.

First Mission Completed Successfully!

Kuwait Recycling Company (KRC) has participated in an extraordinary mission to terminate Erhya landfill in an unprecedented period. Today, this landfill area is destined to host 30,000 residential houses.

Kuwait Tires Historic Situation

Over 1.2 million tires per year are consumed in Kuwait. Recycling activities are started and KRC is proud to be involved in this process.

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