Since 2011, the firefighting teams in Kuwait worked hard to control multiple massive fires that broke out at the used tire dump site in Erhaya.

The fires had huge implications on the environment. This was just the beginning of an unprecedented continues fire events at the world’s biggest tire graveyard. In 2017, fires were so widespread that it was visible from space. This dump carries around seven million used tires and become an environmental hazard.

Erhaya fires

Having this massive environmental effect made it critical to support the prevention of any damage that can happen in the future. At that time, it was crucial to act in any way possible to responsibly put an end to this disaster. For all those reasons, Kuwaiti entrepreneurs supported by experts in tyre recycling industry founded Kuwait Recycle Company (KRC) in 2017, the company today is managed by a team with over 20 years’ experience and multiple background and strong relationships in the world wide tire recycling community.

Thanks to our two state of the art production lines.

Today, Kuwait Recycling Company (KRC) is proud of recycling 5 Million tires a year !

Our Team


Barrak S Aldugishem

General Manager


Qasim Zuhaor Fawzy

Chief Financial Officer


Frans Van Oost

Plant Manager



Plant Manager


Ahmad Abdulsattar

Plant Supervisor


Ananthu Mangalanandan

Assistant Product Manager